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Business Mission Statement

Why am I in business?

My goal is to help people keep more of what they earn and grow and protect that portion that they keep.

What can my client expect from me?

Clients goals are my driving force. I am a good listener. I tell clients what they need to know, not necessarily what they want to hear. I will be the client's coach & quarterback.

What do I believe?

You should plan first, then take action. Comprehensive planning is the best approach. Investing is a long term process. My success is based on my clients success. Recommendations should be tailored.

How do I do what I do?

Build long term relationships based on mutual trust and respect. Develop a plan: A roadmap for success. Implement, monitor, modify the plan, as necessary. Clients pay me for my knowledge and expertise, not for product sales. I am primarily compensated by fees not commissions.

What qualifies me to advise clients?

Knowledge and integrity. Impeccable credentials. I specialize in IRA/ Roth IRA retirement planning.

What makes me different?

My goal is to solve key client challenges and frustrations.

What are key client challenges and frustrations:

  1. Conflicts of interest between advisor and client.
  2. Clients fear running out of money during retirement.
  3. Clients want taxes minimized.
  4. Clients underestimate health care costs in retirement.
  5. Clients desire someone to coordinate their financial affairs.


  1. Fee based approach to compensation is emphasized.
  2. Income distribution planning is the cornerstone of my practice.
  3. Establish what the client's "ideal" tax return looks like.
  4. Planned coordination of health care options.
  5. I can be the one person to coordinate the client financial affairs.

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