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Investment Services

Wealth Accumulation Through Investments

Without adequate planning, wealth accumulation can be an elusive objective. In fact, research indicates that only 17 out of 100 individuals reach retirement age with savings and investments totaling $250,000 or more. (Employee Benefit Research Institute, March 2014).

Investment Vehicles Available:

  1. Roth IRA and Traditional IRAs
  2. Rollovers from Employer Retirement Plans
  3. Mutual Funds
  4. Variable and Fixed Annuities
  5. Fee Based Brokerage Accounts

Financial Planning Strategies

  1. Roth Conversions
  2. Retirement Planning
  3. Income Distribution Planning
  4. College Tuition Planning
  5. Cash Flow and Net Worth Analysis

Family Income Protection Through Life Insurance  

For many individuals, the ability of their family to maintain a suitable lifestyle after their death is an important objective. Life insurance can be an effective way to meet the current and future needs of family members.

Life Insurance Products Available:

  1. Term
  2. Whole Life
  3. Universal Life
  4. Variable Life